About Us

“There is something that is still so magical and satisfying about plugging your guitar into a new effects pedal or amp. Finally hearing the sound in your head coming through the speaker is nothing short of majestic.” Austin- Mercy Seat Effects

After years of playing guitar, searching through, purchasing and selling stacks of guitar effects, Austin at Mercy Seat Effects decided to jump in the exciting world of boutique effects and build his own.  With a simple goal, to create effects pedals that inspire, Mercy Seat Effects set out to craft effects that not only sounded great, but oozed that DIY attitude in appearance as well.

That’s why EVERY Mercy Seat Effects pedal is made by hand, right down to the last dab of paint on the custom painted enclosure.  Since every pedal is made with high quality parts including Alpha pots,  Neutrik jacks, Panasonic and WIMA caps, 1% tolerance resistors and even USA made Davies knobs you can be assured that the tone passing into each Mercy Seat Effects pedal will be treated with dignity and respect.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Mercy Seat starts with effects circuits that we’ve all grown to love, whether they are a fresh take on classic guitar effects or even capturing the sound of a vintage guitar amplifer!  From there, mods are done, a/b testing takes place and all so Mercy Seat Effects can ensure that the final product is an evolved piece of vintage history.

Mercy Seat Effects salutes the classics and always tips their hat to the circuits that birth the innovation by stating exactly where those circuits started.